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Michael Jackson: Sanwi Kingdom Mourns Passing Of A Prince

Michael Jackson: Sanwi Kingdom Mourns Passing Of A Prince

NEWS: He was known around the world as the King of Pop. But in a tiny kingdom on the Ivory Coast's south-eastern tip, singer Michael Jackson was true royalty.

February 12th, 1992 -- The town of Oyen welcome Michael with children carrying banners 'Welcome Home Michael'.

In the West African gold mining village of Krindjabo on the Ivory Coast, populated by the Agni tribe, Michael is crowned 'King of Sani' by tribal chief Amon N'Djafolk.

In Dar-Es-Salaam, Michael is the guest of President Ali Hassan Mwinyi and Tanzania issues a special postage stamp bearing Michael's image. Michael travels 30,000 miles in eleven days, but his excursions to hospitals, orphanages, schools, churches, and institutions for mentally retarded children receive little positive coverage by the media.

February 11th, 1992 -- Michael is welcomed by 100,000 people when he arrives in Libreville in Gabon. President Omar Bongo presents him with a Medal of Honour at the Ambassador's Hall in the Presidential Palace.

February 10th, 1992 -- Michael Jackson departs from Los Angeles International Airport for a two-week visit to Africa. He will visit the Republic of Gabon and be escorted on a tour of Abidjan on the Ivory Coast, Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania, Nairobi and Egypt. He is said to be making a film for his own private collection, Return To Africa.

-- Michael Jackson: The Visual Documentary By Adrian Grant, Omnibus Press, 1997

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