Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Take on Tiger Woods: 'Jim Brown: Out of Bounds' - I read this book in 1990. Tiger should have too.

I read this book in 1990. In 'Jim Brown Out of Bounds' Jim Brown admits that he is no shining example and he has no shame in explaining his examples with raw honesty and raw truth with stories from his life and the wisdom and the stories in it have stayed with me to this day. What it is like being not only a professional athlete but an African American Professional Athlete in America and everything that goes with it. A great read. I would advise even today's pro-athletes to read it across the board. The Life, the highs, the lows, the dangers, the pitfalls, the womanizing, the philandering, the repercussions, and consequences of one's actions - he pretty much tells it all. Out of Bounds ain't no joke!

The Tiger Woods situation and reading Washington Wizards Brendan Haywood's latest blog post Buy Me Love weighing in from the perspective as a professional athlete (great post Brendan!) is also making me think of the old school NBA players such as Bill Russell, Wilt, and even Magic, Shaq, Jordan and more and that they must have a lot to say on Tiger's situation but I have not heard anyone of them speak up yet. Maybe we will in the upcoming days.

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