Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AURN Chief White House Correspondent April Ryan Interviews President Barack Obama

American Urban Radio Network Chief White House correspondent April Ryan interviews President Obama on a variety of issues including The President's upcoming Christmas vacation, H1N1, the Health Care Reform Bill, The African American Community's support and criticisms of his job so far, The Unemployment Rate, Black Hollywood's reaction to Obama: 1 Year Later, The Economy, & what does The President think 2010 holds for us all, and more. Take a listen on her website aprildryan.com

April Ryan, a 24-year journalism veteran, has been the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) since January of 1997, covering three Presidents. Along with daily responsibilities at the White House, Ryan hosts the daily feature, The White House Report, which is broadcast to AURN’s nearly 475 affiliated stations nationwide. Ryan also hosts a new Digital television program for Colours TV called the White House Report with April Ryan where minority America is given the White House perspective on matters specific to their community. Ryan is also a regular panelist on Washington Watch with Roland Martin on TV ONE.

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