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LT's Jazzy Radio Loft & Lounge 'Follow Your Dreams' Guest #8: Teisha Marie "Addicted to Life" - The LP

Joining me today in LT's Jazzy Radio Loft & Lounge for my ongoing "Follow Your Dreams, Listen To Your Heart" series which I started here in August 2006 is songstress Teisha Marie. I recently heard her album and I am still loving it from beginning to end. The name of it is Addicted To Life - The LP . Great album. Organic, soulful grooves and a beautiful voice. Teisha Marie took time our of her busy schedule to give us the latest haps in her life and describes what was the inspiration to Addicted to Life - The LP.

LT: Welcome to the Loft & Lounge, Teisha Marie and thanks for coming through! What was the inspiration for your album Addicted To Life - The LP?

TM: The title itself was suggested by a friend of mine and I liked it and decided it was fitting for the music I want to represent. We live in a society where addiction is encouraged because it benefits others, so instead of being chemically dependent , why not be addicted to life? The everyday things that occur in life are things I take notice of and use as inspiration when writing songs.

LT: Is this your first album?

TM: Yes, this is my first album, but not my first musical project. I released Addicted to Life - The EP in August 2007.

LT: How would you describe your music?

TM: I would say it's soulful, quirky, eclectic, and delicious!

LT: Where did you grow up? Where are you from?

TM: I grew up in quite a few places (England, New Jersey, Germany, Virginia and Maryland), so it's hard to say where I'm from. Sometimes I question if planet Earth is my origin. Ha ha!

LT: How long have you been singing?

TM: I've been singing all my life and decided to start sharing it via recording in 2007.

LT: What is it like to be an independent artist today in the 21st Century with all these advances in technology?

TM: I think that it is a great triumph (with some difficulty from time to time) to be an independent artist. Oftentimes, the public doesn't realize that independent artists do 90-100% of necessary work themselves. The publicity, production (or selection of producers), marketing, advertising , styling, touring, and artist development are all implemented and maintained by the artist. I appreciate that I have a major role in the creation of my artistic destiny.

LT: How has the Internet helped your artistic quest?

TM: The Internet is extremely helpful in allowing me to connect with people in the various parts of the world in a matter of seconds. It helps me to cover ground that I may not be physically be able to cover in a short time span.

LT: Who are your inspirations?

TM: I have so many inspirations. The most direct are Stevie Wonder (his transparency and timeless music), Nancy Wilson (her vocal phrasing and articulation), Aretha Franklin (she oozes soul into every note), Al Green (such a warm sound), Ella Fitzgerald (a technical genius!), and life, of course!

LT: What is it like performing live compared to recording in the studio?

TM: I liken performing in the studio to being an athlete in training. The adrenaline you feel performing live is such a powerful thing and it takes you to so many different places emotionally, whereas in the studio, you're putting together the foundation of your presentation.

LT: Do you prefer one over the other?

TM: I enjoy both equally. I enjoy the studio because it allows me to be intimate with myself and when it's time to perform live, I get to be intimate with a group of people. I just love creating, whether it's in the studio or live.

LT: Take us through the recording process from the moment of your inspirations of writing your own songs to the final product.

TM: The recording process is a funny thing. The inspiration for songs comes from personal experiences. The actual creation process is an interesting process. Sometimes words will come to me first, then melody, other times it's the opposite effect. While in the studio, tons of ideas come to me as far as harmonies and lyrical delivery are concerned. I can spend anywhere to 1 hour to 1 week on a song, it really varies. I know that the gift I have is on loan from God, so I am amazed at what the final product sounds like every time I create a song.

LT: I really love the positive and meaningful heartfelt and soulful lyrics of your album overall. Two in particular are very moving to me: "Txt Msg" and "Legacy". What were the inspirations for "Txt Msg" and "Legacy"?

TM: "Txt Msg" came about from observing the kids I work with on a daily basis (I'm a teacher by day) and seeing how much they look to the media to be their teacher. Often, children aren't interested in knowing the difference between entertainment and reality, I wrote the song to let kids know that they can be/do anything they want to and need to make the right choices.

"Legacy" came about from wanting to dedicate a song to grandparents. My mother and father's parents are deceased and I miss them greatly. I wish I could ask them for advice and get to know them as an adult. So, this song is my dedication to them because I wouldn't be who I am without them.

LT: Where can people see you live? Where will you be next? Where can folks buy your album? How can people get in contact with you?

TM: They can catch anywhere at any given time. To stay posted on upcoming events, please submit your e-mail address at I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and many other spots! I love connecting with people, so contact me sometime! Also check out!

LT: Teisha Marie, it's been a pleasure having you swing through LTs Jazzy Radio Loft & Lounge! Come through again anytime! All the best to you with your music and career!

TM: Thanks for having me!
Teisha Marie "My faith is my guide."

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