Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Times - Michael Gets Suspended - Minisode - A Montage Tribute To Ernie Barnes' Artwork Would Have Been Nice

After insisting George Washington was a racist, Michael gets suspended from school. James and Florida in turn insist he go back and apologize. Michael isn't budging though, and impresses James with his knowledge of African-American History.

I was hoping to see the Minisode Network feature a collection of Ernie Barnes paintings that were shown in Good Times over the years this week in this episode of Good Times with the news of his recent passing but anyway here you go. They show it for a second at the end!

I meant to say I was hoping they showed a little montage of all the eps of Good Times in which Ernie Barnes art was a central feature of the show over the years; JJ's artwork episodes where they really show off Ernie Barnes work, you know what I mean! ;) Like when JJ painted his sister as a superhero, when JJ painted the man's wife as a surprise to her husband, when JJ painted the Mural at the bank etc. ;)

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