Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Message To The Youth: To Dress Like An Adult You Gotta Look Like One! Pull Them Up! Pull Them Up!

Sent to me by a friend. Thank you, AB! How timely and important is this message? We now have an esteemed, intelligent, brilliant, worldly, travelled, scholarly, sophisticated African-American in the highest office in the world: The President of The United States of America!

Message To The Youth Who Are Still Wearing This Played Out Style: Pull your pants up! It's NOT a good look! It is NOT cool. It does NOT make you look cool! It does NOT make you look hip! It is NOT all good! That is NOT what's up! We are NOT feeling it or you wearing it! This look WILL NOT take you anywhere good in life but only to places you don't want to go! The style has been going on for far too long. How many years has it been now? 15+? It's played out! It's ignorant and has expired beyond the expiration date! Pull your pants up! We don't need or want to see all that!

Use the great God given genius The Creator gave you to DESIGN YOUR OWN unique fashions and designs. Designs of distinction, coolness and sophistication! Not this madness made my someone who does not even look like you!

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