Friday, February 13, 2009

African-Americans Key To President Obama Victory, Report Finds

The Joint Center for Political and Economical Studies has released a new report on how African-Americans were key to President Barack Obama's Victory.

The report goes on to say that:

"...of the 24.8 million African-Americans eligible to vote, 16.6 million (or 66.8 percent) actually voted, smashing the previous record of 58.5 percent in 1964. In addition to record-setting turnout, Obama received 95 percent of the Black vote, bettering President Lyndon B. Johnson's 94 percent in 1964, the previous high. Conversely, Sen. John McCain received only 4 percent of the Black vote, a smaller percentage then any GOP nominees in history."

-- from Kevin Chappell/JET Magazine

Full report availaible at

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