Thursday, January 08, 2009

GETTING READY FOR DIGITAL TV | PBS: Converter Boxes = Better Picture, Multicasting & Recieving More Channels in DTV

Description: Come along with famous do-it-yourselfers Norm Abram and Kevin OConnor of THIS OLD HOUSE as they visit several homes in a Boston suburb to prepare the homeowners for digital TV. Plus, receive how-to guidance and tips to help you successfully make the switch to DTV in your home before the February 17, 2009 deadline. And, hear the latest DTV news in the field from Maria Hinojosa, Senior Correspondent from NOW ON PBS. Visit for more DTV tips and information.

Saw this on WETA last night. Very interesting. Very informative. The best parts of this show that I liked was when they went to a neighborhood whose neighbors had a variety of analog, cable and satellite tv's and signals and the actual set up of the converter boxes. Good stuff!

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