Saturday, December 27, 2008

AP's Top Albums of 2008: Jazzmine Sullivan, Kanye West, Sia, Estelle, Erykah Badu

AP Music Editor Nekesa Moody highlights her top five albums of the year, including CDs from Kanye West, Sia and Erykah Badu. (Dec. 26)

Interesting choices for top 5 albums of 2008. I agree with AP Music Editor Nekesa Moody's choices that all 5 of these albums had impact in both radio play and album sales.

Jazzmine Sullivan does sound similar to Lauryn Hill in my opinion. I would go so far as to say that this was all of our "equally shared listening experience dose of Lauryn Hill" that we have been missing for far too long now.

Kanye West's album 808's & Heartbreak, I have only heard snippets of so far but I am intrigued to hear this full album from beginning to end to really give it a good listen and a good review. This album was released in the latter part of 2008 and the most I have heard this album on the radio has been on the HOT 99.5's. I'm intrigued to hear this one.

Speaking of Kanye, it was through reading his blog that I first heard of Sia. Judging by the sound of this artist and her creative video using Sign Language, this is another album I am interested in hearing from beginning to end.

Estelle! Excellent choice! This album had a great impact in 2008 on many radio stations across the board.

I gotta give up my continuous love for Badu. I look forward to each of her albums. I am glad they included this one on their list. I am still looking forward to the Part II of this album that was scheduled to follow this one. Nice review, Nekesa Moody!

There are also plenty of "B-Side", "Neo-Soul", & "Under The Radar" artists out here who released incredible albums this year. I look forward to spotlighting many more of them here in the near future so check back. Peace!

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