Friday, November 21, 2008

SpitFire with Kool Mo Dee only on (Warning: Parental Guidance Suggested For Some of the Language Yet The Topics Are 100% On Point!)

The trailer for Kool Mo Dee's show on

Heard about this today because Kool Moe Dee is in town for the Old School Hip-Hop concert tomorrow night at Constitution Hall. I heard him making the rounds on radio and TV this morning. He made so many great points about Hip-Hop, especially for where it is today. The language of his trailer for his new show is strong but the content is 100% on point.

I put the "Warning: Parental Guidance" tag on this post out of respect for the parents who read my blog and for all my younger readers too. I try hard to keep the content on my blog clean. Not easy in today's world! Though the language of the comments you will hear is raw at times, as we all know by now, so is so much of the Hip-Hop being played on commercial radio today and in the CD's too, so I think most can understand where it's coming from via the guests.

I think to even have a good discussion on Hip-Hop, you have to keep it real in expressing your opinions and thoughts on it because it's a very real artform and medium in it's essence (at least that is how it started) as to what has been and is going on out here with it.

I also feel that if cussing and cuss words can be used in negative ways, it can also be used in positive ways from the original folks who started Hip Hop to make their points to break through to you who they are trying to reach and make their points and drop that knowledge.
Thank you! Peace and Respect!

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